Operationalise Your Data Governance for Analytics

Operationalise Your Data Governance for Analytics 

Applying data governance to your data processing is a real challenge. It’s often treated as a standalone documentation-oriented initiative, from which business processes and tools are separate.

So, how do you know if your data governance is working?

How can you integrate it into your wider initiatives?

How can you evidence the compliance of data governance?

In this session, join The Data Governance Coach, and Bluemetrix's experts share their practical advice on how data governance and data management go hand in hand to help your analytics team get the transformative insight they need, faster.

Key topics include:

 ● The confusion between Data Governance and the other Data Management disciplines

 ● The challenge of putting Data Governance over data for    analytics (perception re speed, being a blocker)

 ● The overlap with and gaps between Data Governance and Data Protection

 ● Data Governance relationship with Data Security and Access Management

 ● Who is responsible for managing risks around data

Curious how Bluemetrix Data Automation Software can help you evidence your data governance policies adherence at your organisation? Get a data governance demo.  

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